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MC Ishtar

I am an artist who sees beauty in all things. I love talking to all kinds of people and learning about the great cosmos.

1. What is your hidden talent?

I make a mean and colourful shrimp bisque!

2. What is your guilty sin?

I enjoy watching bad reality TV to get my dose of popular culture, like Real Housewives... preferably while eating potato chips.

3. What is your favourite book? Why?

I wouldn't be able to choose a single book, but I would say Bataille's Inner Experience is a beautiful and heavy reading experience, and in terms of fiction, I like D. H. Lawrence, Dostoevsky and Ismail Kadare.

4. What is your favourite colour?

Black... or forest green.

5. What is your astrological sign and what aspect of your personality does it represent?

Libra. I am generous but indecisive. A celebrator of beauty and art with Venus as my mighty ruler.

6. What is your favorite recipe you got from your grandmother?

How to stuff red peppers and baklava.

7. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

I was doing a poetry reading and I fell off the chair in front of everyone!

8. If your home was going up in flames, which three objects would you try to save?

My manuscripts, my furs, and otherwise try to enjoy the warm fire it will make.

9. Do you have a phobia? If so, what is it?

Getting into cars with strangers, I would say.

10. What comic book character most resembles you? Is there a super-hero that you identify with.


11. What is the craziest or wildest thing you ever did?

I was in a movie about a hippie colony in California in the 70s and had to dance around in a trance-like state with my fellow hippies on camera for 20 minutes.

12. If you could have one supernatural power, which one would you choose?

Have a dictionary and thesaurus engrained into my neurological system so that I can articulate myself as close to perfectly as I can.

13. Complete this sentence: When I dance, I look like ...

Mick Jagger, hopefully!

14. If you could be an animal, which one would it be, and why?

A walrus because they are the cats of the Arctic; noble and coy, they spend most of their time napping, eating, and scratching themselves.

15. Who is the person (living or dead) you would most like to meet?

My great-grandmother

16. If you were in a band, which band would it be and which member would you be?

I am in a band. We are called The March of Folly, but currently on a long hiatus. We play experimental music that involves crushing vegetables like tomatos and recording the sounds they make.

17. Describe the biggest blunder you ever made

Am I human? Am I a walrus? Mistaking myself for a walrus sometimes.

18. Who is your favorite athlete, and why?

I would say my father, who was the national champion in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints back in communist Albania.

19. What is your fondest dream?

Become a paid poet who drinks pina coladas on the beach

20. What is your sweetest childhood memory?

Cracking open pine nuts with my grandfather on the shores of the Ionian Sea.

21. What do you like most about your chat room emcee job?

Engaging with different people and learning about the world.

22. What is your favorite kind of music?

 I like rock and roll and outlaw country, and Gram Parsons!

23. What do you do for fun?

I like to write, go for long walks, drink smoothies and eat soup. I like to gossip with my grandmother and read palms.

24. What is your favorite movie?

I love Ingmar Bergman! 

25. What is your favorite season?


26. What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Think about the value of a million dollars, then ask myself what I did to deserve it, and congratulate myself if it was gained in honest merit and with dignity, and then spend it as quickly as I could, so as to not burden myself with the thought that I am walking around with a million dollars in my pocket...

27. What is your favorite TV program?

Regrettably, I would have to say Real Housewives...