Maintenance notice


A planned system maintenance will take place between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7. We apologize for this inconvenience.

As well, from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., bingo rooms Suite 75 and Coast to Coast will be unavailable. During this period, the Cantine and Avenue 90 will remain open.



Online bingo from offers you a complete gaming experience that lets you play in your favourite bingo room and buy a multitude of cards at the same time. Since the numbers are ”daubed” automatically, you are free to play mini games at the same time and chat with other folks in the bingo community. Chatrooms are hosted by our impeccable emcees. A festive atmosphere is guaranteed!

You can play bingo in your favourite room. Some rooms, open only to players from Québec, offer you a gaming experience that is rich in local colour. Others are available to players from the Canadian bingo network throughout British Columbia, Manitoba and Québec. Check the price per card, the number of players in the hall and the various bingo games offered before making your choice of room.

In Classic Bingo, the object is to be the first player to obtain one of the following, as always displayed on the bingo interface:

  • One line
  • Two lines
  • Three lines
  • Four lines
  • Full card (blackout)

In bingo games using patterns, the object is to be the first player to obtain the announced pattern or a full card (blackout).

See the list of patterns. The pattern you need to obtain in the game is always displayed on the bingo interface.



2nd Best

Once the full card has been declared a winner at Classic Bingo or Pattern Bingo, the consolation prize is awarded to the player closest to a full card (the most numbers daubed). If there are more than one card with the same quantity of numbers daubed, the prize winner will be determined by random draw.


When a player obtains a full card (in Classic or Pattern bingo), a consolation prize is awarded to the player who is the FARTHEST from obtaining a full card (i.e. a player who then has the card with the lowest number of marked spots). If more than one player has such a card (same number of marked spots), the consolation prize is awarded to one of those players randomly.


When a player obtains a full card (in Classic or Pattern bingo), the consolation prize is awarded to a player picked randomly among all the then non-winning cards.

Note: When a consolation prize is offered, there is no additional announcement after the full card is called out – the full card (or full cards, as there can be more than one), and the consolation prize card (always one only) are called out in the same announcement.

4 Leaf Clover Flower-in-a-pot Rainbow
Airplane Flying Saucer Rhombus
Arrow Fly Swat Sailboat
Ball Four Corners Scarecrow
Barbell Frame Shirt
Bottle Frankenstein Skull
Bow Tie Goal Snake
Bridge Hangman Snowflake
Bull’s eye Happy Face Spider
Butterfly Heart Sputnik
Cactus Ladder Stanley Cup
Card Little Man Star
Castle Martini Glass Tap
Cent Percent Telephone Pole
Checkers Picnic Table Top Hat
Clover Ping Pong Trident
Corner Flag Plus Tulip
Crown Pot of Gold Turtle
Cup Pyramid Umbrella
Diamond Rabbit Ears Waterfall
Dogbone Race Car Witchs Hat
Explosion Railroad