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Hula Hula RouletteTM

Hula Hula Roulette
Hula Hula Roulette is a roulette game with a single zero and a series of numbers from 1 to 12.
Bet one or more of the betting spots available on the game table, and have the bets made cover as much as possible the number on which the roulette ball stops.

Minimum bet per line: 10¢
Maximum bet per line: $1

  • Choose a chip by clicking on it (chips of different value/color can be selected by clicking on the + button or the button on each side of the box displaying the amount of the current value of a chip, at the bottom left corner of the game screen).
  • Click on the betting spot where you want to place a token (see “Types of bets”, further down). You can click several times on the same betting spot to increase the amount bet (as long as the maximum bet amount indicated in the help balloon is not reached).
  • To remove all the chips from the game table, click on (at the left of the bet amount displayed).
  • At the end of a game, the central button looks like this: . It is then possible to start a new game with the same bets as those of the previous game, by clicking on that button. As soon as you change one of the previous bets, however, the chips remaining on the game table will disappear, and the central button will revert to this appearance: .

Each type of bet covers one or several numbers, and has a specific payout ratio. All bets fall in one of these 2 main categories: inside bets and outside bets (no bet including the zero are part of the latter category).

Bet Description Payout ratio
Straight Bets placed on number from 0 to 12. 11:1 (11x + bet)
Split Bets placed on two adjacent numbers, horizontal or vertical. 5:1 (5x + bet)
Three line (street) Bets on a vertical row. Note that street bets can also be placed on 0, 1 and 2 as well as 0, 2 and 3. 3:1 (3x + bet)
Corner (square) Corner bets cover four numbers. The chip is placed on the cross where the four numbers intersect, for example
4-5-7-8. You may also wager on 0, 1, 2 and 3 by placing the chip on the boundary line of the roulette table
between 0 and 1.
2:1 (2x + bet)
Column Bets on all four numbers in one of the columns (left, middle, right). 2:1 (2x + bet)
Half dozen Bets on a group of six numbers; 1-6 or 7-12. 1:1 (1x + bet)
Red or black Bets on all red or all black numbers. Zero is neither red nor black. 1:1 (1x + bet)
Even or odd Bets on all odd or even numbers. 1:1 (1x + bet)

You can click on PAYTABLE to open a window showing the paytable, and then click on HIDE to close that window.

When the ball stops on zero, 50% of bets on other numbers are refunded.

To the left of the BET display, click +/- to select the value of the chip you wish to wager. Then place the chip on the roulette table by clicking on the desired betting area. You can remove a wagered chip before the game begins by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the chip with your left mouse button. To remove all placed bets, click the REMOVE BET button which is located to the left of the BET display.

Place your bet as described above. When moving the mouse pointer over the game table, the available betting spots will be highlighted. For each betting spot, a help balloon will display the following information: type of bet, total amount currently bet on the betting spot, and maximum bet possible.

Once you have placed all your bets, click on the big central button when you are ready for a new game to start.

The amount indicated in the WIN field at the end of the game is the total of any winnings based on the payout ratio for each type of bet (if there are any winning bets).

Music and sound effects can be toggled on-off by clicking on the / button in the top right corner of the game window.

Your winnings are paid to your Espacejeux account.

Note: If a connection or other problem occurs during gameplay, and the game is interrupted, it will resume the next time the game window is opened.

The theoretical return to players is 92.31% for straight bets on the zero, and 96.15% for all other bets.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
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