Chatting with the Suite 75 community could lead you to the biggest summer celebrations!


The community

Online bingo is an experience players love to share. Players chat in a friendly environment while watching the numbers being drawn. An emcee keeps discussions going and introduces easy and fun games that offer a few bonus dollars.

Bingo 101

  1. Register on and receive $10 to be bet.

  2. Select the Suite 75 room.

  3. Play the special chat room games that the emcee indicates as being part of the event on Sundays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

  4. Purchase at least one 10¢ bingo card.

You must have purchased at least one bingo card during the chat game for your answer to be considered by the emcee.

Summer events

Your emcees

MC Swanson

Between reading The Alchimist and imitating his best friends, MC Swanson delivers funny jokes and gummy bears.

MC Stens

Pacifist and faithful friend, MC Stens likes to travel, in body and food tastings. He even shared his grandma’s heavenly Chicken Colombo recipe.

MC Ishtar

She dreams of being a poet, loves Ingmar Bergman movies and prepares a delicious shrimp bisque. Get to know MC Ishtar.


Chat games

Name that tune

When the emcee writes the first words of a song, quickly name the tune. The first person to give the correct answer wins.


Write two mirror numbers preceded by an asterisk (example: *26*62). The winner is the player whose two numbers are identical to those drawn and the first to type out ***MIRROR***.


Unscramble the letters of the emcee’s word (example: oginb = bingo). The winner is the first player who types out ***ANAGRAM*** followed by the unscrambled word.