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Nelson vs Bismarck


Nelson vs Bismarck


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Nelson vs Bismarck


You try to predict which numbered targets the cannonballs will hit (if you play Nelson) or not hit (if you play Bismarck). The game includes numbers from 1 to 100.


Minimum bet: 25¢
Maximum bet: $10


Choose the amount you wish to bet. Click on the up arrow to increase the amount of the bet and the down arrow to decrease it until you have reached the desired amount, staying within the indicated minimum and maximum limits.


Select between 1 and 12 numbers to bet on. The game board contains numbers from 1 to 100. Use the RANDOM button if you wish to have the system randomly select 12 numbers. The number(s) you select are then highlighted. Click on a number to unselect it. Click on CLEAR to unselect all the numbers. Once clicked, the button CLEAR becomes UNDO. Click on UNDO if you wish to go back to the previous selection.

Select the number of cannonballs you want to shoot. The default number of cannonballs is 24. Click on BALLS to instantly toggle to 12 projectiles. On the right-hand side of the game window, you will notice that the payout table changes when you select either 12 or 24 cannonballs.

Decide if you are playing Nelson or Bismarck:

  • If you decide to PLAY NELSON, you are betting that the numbered targets you bet on will be hit. To see the payout table according to how many targets must be hit, mouse over the PLAY NELSON button without clicking. If you wish to select this game option, click on PLAY NELSON. When one of the targets you selected is hit by a cannonball, it turns yellow.
  • If you decide to PLAY BISMARCK, you are betting that NONE of the numbered targets you bet on will be hit. To see the payout table, mouse over the PLAY BISMARCK button without clicking. If you wish to select this game option, click on PLAY BISMARCK. If any of the targets you bet on is hit, it turns red and you lose your bet and the game.


If you play Nelson, your payment, if applicable, is determined by how many numbers on which you have bet on that have been hit. The corresponding payment is indicated on the payout table situated on the right-hand side of the board game.

If you play Bismarck, and that none of the numbers on which you have bet on have been hit, the corresponding payment shown in the payout table is granted to you.

NOTE : Winnings are paid into your Espacejeux account.


At the end of a game, click on the up or down arrows if you wish to change the amount bet in the next game. Click on BALLS if you wish to change the number of projectiles launched.

Click on PLAY NELSON or PLAY BISMARCK to start a new game.


The theoretical Return to Player is 96.00%.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Unauthorized copying of any layout or any content is strictly prohibited. Gaming system is the property of OpenBet Technologies Ltd.


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