Scared Silly

We are pleased to announce that Danielle Pelletier is the lucky winner of the frightfully huge $10,000 in cash grand prize. Congratulations! :
Danielle Pelletier

We also awarded 10 secondary prizes worth $250 to be bet to the following winners. Congratulations! :

  • Michel Paquette
  • Kevin Ouellet
  • Roger Vaillancourt
  • Melisa Carpanzano
  • Elhassan Mabrouky
  • Paul Martin
  • Dimitrios Stavropoulos
  • Gilles Lamarre
  • François Fontaine
  • Christian Ménard

Bingo festive summer

Meet the winners of the tickets for the most
popular festivals and events!

Tables Wild event

The lucky winners of Table’s Wild prizes are:
Claude Durocher: $2,000, Shaun Peace: $2,000,
Caroline Vollant: $2,000, Alexandre Ballard: $1,000,
Jean Labrie: $1,000

Here are the 10 winners who each won
a secondary prize of $250 to be bet

  • Pierre-Yves Boccard
  • Marie-Eve Roy
  • Andre Bellavance
  • Stephane Quenneville
  • Christian Chouinard
  • André Giroux
  • Alain Lafrance
  • Jacques Bédard
  • Claude Pascal Noel
  • Jeremie Boisjoli

World Series of Poker

Many have dreamt of participating in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas and 74 of them made their dream come true on Espacejeux.com in 2017.

14 of our players
left with cash prizes

Leave in a BMW

The following lucky winner is/winners are taking home $1,000 in cash and will play the Leave in a BMW game at the Casino de Montréal (where there are up to 21 BMWs to be won every week!):

May 15, 2017, draw: Serge Fontaine, $1,000 playing the interactive game
May 22, 2017, draw: Bertrand Gamache, $500 playing the interactive game
May 29, 2017, draw: Jenny Henley, $500 playing the interactive game
June 5, 2017, draw: Gérald Casavant, $250 playing the interactive game
June 12, 2017, draw: Georges Demanget, $1,000 playing the interactive game

Here are the 10 winners who each won
a secondary prize of $250 to be bet

Two players have found the lost treasures!

Congratulations to the participants who discovered the treasure chests:

Lorraine Viau: $5,000 in cash
Diane Landry: $2,500 in cash

Plus, 10 other winners each won
secondary prizes of $250 to be bet:

  • Amar Koliai
  • Francine Gallant
  • Lucie Primeau
  • Sylvie Gentile
  • Dominique Harvey
  • Antonio Mancini
  • Stéphane Dufour
  • Jean Claude Cloutier
  • John Lapierre
  • Tony Amorelli

What have you got to lose event

We have lots and lots of hockey fans on Espacejeux.com! We thank the many participants who made predictions on whether the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge would win or lose. Congrats to the event winners!

Hurray to Mylene Carbonneau
for winning the $1,000 grand prize!

The winners of $100 to be bet are:

  • Eric Lelievre
  • Brian Jackson
  • Yves Cloutier
  • Marcelle Boisvert
  • Jacqueline Dubé

Mystery of the Nile event

Lady Luck has chosen to award $7,777 in cash to
Marcel Morissette.

The winners of the five secondary prizes
worth $250 to be bet are:

  • Manola Sullini
  • Josée Corriveau
  • Louis-Félip Leblanc
  • Michel Casavant
  • Robert Fournier

Congratulations to the winners!

The lucky winner of the Fan to the End package
is Charles Marquis.

We are pleased to have teamed up with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge to offer him such an exclusive and exciting experience.

The 6 VIP Spectator Box packages and
two pairs of tickets were won by:

VIP Spectator Box packages

  • Patrick Lemire
  • Ginette Lafond
  • Celine Renaud
  • Karen Roker
  • Pierre Lefebvre
  • Mohamed Zarati

Pairs of tickets

  • Jacques Bédard
  • Eric Boudreault

The Powerbucks event runs from
February 1 to February 27, 2017.

Meet the grand winner of the $11,449 promotional
side pot: Frederic Dufour from Montreal.

Meet the winners of the 10 weekly $100 bonus prizes:

The joker is no longer on the run!
And many of you were able to find his hiding spots.

Congratulations to our 14 winners!

They each win a tablet computer worth approximately $450:

  • Yan Drolet
  • Melanie Chevarie
  • Francine Dumoulin
  • Francine Chénier
  • Claude Robitaille
  • Fadi Harb
  • Joelle Ricciardo
  • Yvan Filiatreault
  • Richard Singerman
  • Sylvie Peloquin
  • Sébastien Richard
  • Eric Cameron
  • Yolande Gauvreau
  • Dominic Préfontaine

The Scrabble event, reserved for newsletter subscribers, ended on February 19. It produced 10 lucky winners.

Participants who each won $100 to be bet are:

  • Jacques Girouard
  • Fernand Rioux
  • Josée Martineau
  • Sylvie Gionet
  • Gilles Bouchard
  • Chantal Pichette
  • Alain Lafrance
  • Julie Bisson
  • Christine Cossette
  • Annick Poulin

The arrival of Kooza™ Cirque du Soleil™ was celebrated in style from January 12 to February 9, 2017.

Here are the lucky winners:

Trip to Las Vegas
4-day travel package to experience Cirque du Soleil™;
prize worth a total of $5,100: Ginette Neron

Holiday calendar

Discover the daily gift!

A total of $10,000 in prizes to be won
1 grand prize worth $5,000 in cash
50 prizes consisting of $100 to be bet

The lucky winner of $5,000 is Ginette Ethier. Congratulations!

Naughty or Nice

The Naughty or Nice event is producing several winners.
On Friday evenings, there’ll be one $500 winner every hour!

December 2, $500 winners: Ian Bellavance, Mélanie Bouffard,
Isabelle Boulanger, Cynthia Vanasse, Daniel Macris

December 9, $500 winners: Jean-Jude Chabot, Francois Zigby,
Alexis Linhares, Justin Denis, Carmen Larouche

December 16, $500 winners: Frédéric Martel, Sylvie Ladouceur,
Lucie Plamondon, Sylvie Ladouceur, Sylvie Ladouceur

The big $10,000 winner is Louisa Renaud.

Win a Shopping Spree with
Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

The lucky winner of a $2,500 is Annie Schnobb. Congratulations!

Black Jack Casinos du Québec

The lucky winner of $1,000 in free bets is Robert Plourde (Laurentides).

Gladiators prepare for combat

The lucky winner of a trip for two to Italy is Mr Louis Hébert. Congratulations!

Biggest Country Bingo Fan:

Congratulations to deride, who wins the title of Best Country Bingo Fan for the 2016 edition of Grand Rodéo bingo! His/Her knowledge of country music and speed won him/her $1,000 in cold, hard cash. A special mention goes out to genjeux and pogo2014: they fought a hard fight to the end!

Pair of tickets for the "Fièvre du country" show:

Congratulations to didi1983, who, during Grand Rodéo bingo, won a pair of tickets to see La fièvre du country with Guylaine Tanguay at the Casino de Montréal’s Cabaret.