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Deposits, withdrawals and registrations are not available at this time.

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These Specific Online Gaming Conditions of Use (hereinafter the " Online Gaming​ Conditions ") govern the content and operation of the Loto-Québec lotoquebec.com transactional web site as well as any application linked to the site and made available on a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet computer (hereinafter a " Mobile device ") (all of which to be designated hereinafter as the " Site ") as well as each User’s authorized use of the Site. 

The Online Gaming Conditions are in addition to the General Conditions Governing the Use of the Internet Sites Operated by Loto-Québec and its Subsidiaries (hereinafter the " Loto-Québec General Conditions "), which also apply to the content, operation and use of the Site.

In the event of a discrepancy between a condition stated in the Loto-Québec General Conditions and a condition stated in the Online Gaming Conditions herein, the latter shall prevail.

Unless otherwise indicated, the terms as defined in the Loto-Québec General Conditions shall have, when used in the Online Gaming Conditions herein, the same meaning as given in the Loto-Québec General Conditions.

Users agree that the Online Gaming Conditions herein may be modified by Loto-Québec at any time and without prior notice and to be bound by such modifications. Therefore, it is recommended that Users consult the Online Gaming Conditions regularly in order to remain apprised of the latest Online Gaming Conditions in effect.

Loto-Québec is committed to complying with its Policy Concerning Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information that forms an integral part of these Online Gaming Conditions.

Subject to Users’ compliance with these Online Gaming Conditions and their registration on the Site, Loto-Québec offers various online games on its Site (hereinafter one or more Game(s)) to Québec residents aged 18 or older who are physically present in Québec during a gaming session.

Poker, bingo, casino and lottery Games could be offered jointly and networked with other Canadian lottery corporations. This means that eligible individuals taking part in these Games through the Site could face opponents from within Québec as well as players located elsewhere in Canada.

With regard to the "Mise-o-jeu" Game (sports betting) and any lottery draw Game in the "Lotteries" category, a purchase transaction is only concluded when it results in the registration of one or more selection(s) or play(s) in Loto-Québec’s central computer system. 

In the case where a Participant generates a bar code using the Site’s "Buy from a retailer" functionality, the purchase transaction must necessarily be concluded at a Loto-Québec’s retailer. 


Unless stated otherwise, the Games offered on this Site are governed by the By-law respecting interactive television games, which includes limitations of liability, as well as by the rules of the game issued by Loto-Québec.

Promotions (for example, draws or promotional tournaments) are, however, governed by the Sales promotion games By-law, which also includes limitations of liability.

As the case may be, any other directive or indication that may be specified on the Site or Portal binds the User.

The only individuals eligible to register on the Site and open an Espacejeux account are those who are :

Aged 18 years or older;

Residents of Québec; and

Not currently registered in a self-exclusion program from Québec gaming halls and/or casinos, or not self-excluded from the Site.

Registration and Espacejeux account opening must be successfully completed before a User can participate in any of the Games.

Moreover, it is not necessary to have completed the creation of an account for a User to participate in a 2nd Chance promotion.

Each User agrees not to participate in any Game when physically outside the Province of Québec and acknowledges that not complying with this rule could lead to the application of any measure deemed appropriate by Loto-Québec, including the suspension, deactivation or closure of his or her Espacejeux account, as well as the refusal to pay any prizes won in the Games.

Users taking steps to open an Espacejeux account are responsible for providing Loto-Québec with accurate current information and for immediately notifying Loto-Québec of any changes to information provided during the Espacejeux account opening process. 

This information will be treated in compliance with the provisions of the Policy Concerning Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information, particularly in order to verify, directly or through a third party, that the eligibility conditions prescribed herein are met as well as the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and its regulations.

Once an Espacejeux account has been successfully opened, including the validation of his identity in accordance with the applicable terms, the registered User becomes an Espacejeux member (hereinafter a “Participant”) and can play by accessing his or her Espacejeux account with a personal identification code comprised of a username or email address and Password he or she provided during the registration process. Only this Participant is authorized to use this account and agrees not to use it under the instructions of another person.

Every Participant has sole responsibility for preserving the confidentiality of his or her personal identification code. Loto-Québec shall in no case be responsible for the access or use of an Espacejeux account, including cases where a Participant inadvertently or otherwise divulges his or her personal identification code in whole or in part, uses software or tools that enable automatic entry of his or her personal identification code in whole or in part or otherwise saves, records or writes down his or her personal identification code, in whole or in part.

Individuals may only open one Espacejeux account. Moreover, only one name may be associated with each Espacejeux account.

Loto-Québec may, at its sole discretion and notably in case of violation of these Online Gaming Conditions, fraud, fraudulent behaviour, collusion between Participants or any other conduct deemed inappropriate by Loto-Québec, take any measure it deems appropriate, including refusing to open an Espacejeux account, suspending, deactivating or closing an existing Espacejeux account or, as the case may be, refusing to pay any prize.

The available deposit methods to an Espacejeux account are as follows:

   a. Credit card / Visa Debit / Mastercard Debit

   b. Interac Online;

   c. Argent Web coupon;

   d. Bill payment

Loto-Québec does not however guarantee that each Participant will be able to make deposits to his or her Espacejeux account using all of these methods. The range of deposit methods available to individual Participants will depend on the banking or financial institution(s) with which they deal. 

Unless otherwise specified, it is not possible to make deposits to an Espacejeux account using a prepaid card, a corporate credit card or an American credit card (for example, Capital One or MBNA).

At no time may a Participant deposit a total weekly amount (starting at midnight Sunday and ending the following Saturday at 11:59:59 p.m.) that is greater than the weekly deposit limit he or she set and which is currently in effect. 

The minimum weekly deposit limit is $25, and the maximum weekly deposit limit is $9,999, in whole dollar amounts only. 

When a Participant wishes to decrease his or her weekly deposit limit, the change takes effect immediately. Increases to weekly deposit limits take effect only seven (7) days after having been processed.

Deposits to Espacejeux accounts may only be made in Canadian currency and no amount deposited or otherwise held in an Espacejeux account shall bear interest.

Subject to compliance with these Online Gaming Conditions, prizes won by Participants are paid directly into their Espacejeux account. 

In the case of the Games in the “Lotteries” category and if applicable, all free plays won following an online ticket(s) purchase are automatically issued for the draw following the one for which they were won.

In view of the current situation, the claim period has been adjusted. You’ll have an additional six months to claim any prize you won with a draw-based lottery, scratch, or sports betting ticket that’s set to expire between March 17 and September 17, 2020, inclusively.

Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary, in the event that a prize won by a Participant in the “Mise-o-jeu+” Game (sports betting) is of $100,000 or more (or any other amount determined by Loto-Québec) or in a lottery Game is of $25,000 or more (or any other amount determined by Loto-Québec) or is a “TV participation” or an “annuity”, said Participant must personally go, within one year following the draw (or in the case of “Mise-o-jeu+”, within the year following the date of the last match selected of the winning selection) at a designated Loto-Québec establishment (list available upon request or at lotoquebec.com).

Loto-Québec will require that the Participant show one of the following pieces of valid ID:

  • Government-issued Health Insurance Card; or
  • Driver’s Licence; or
  • Passport

Once verification has been made, a cheque will be issued to the Participant.

Prior to making a withdrawal, a Participant needs to link his or her Espacejeux account to a personal bank account into which amounts withdrawn from his or her Espacejeux account will be deposited.

Unless an Espacejeux account has been suspended, is subject to verification or other similar measures, withdrawals from Espacejeux account may be made in the following cases:

   a. Following a request duly made by a Participant

   b. When lottery draw winnings are deposited while an account is deactivated or closed, or under self-exclusion;

   c. When an account is deactivated or closed by Loto-Québec or the Participant

   d. Following a Participant self-exclusion according to the provisions of Section 9 hereunder.

Except for above cases c. and d., withdrawals made to a personal bank account may not be less than $10 or any other amount as may be determined from time to time by Loto-Québec. Furthermore, for above case b., no cheque will be issued for an amount less than $20 or any other amount as may be determined from time to time by Loto-Québec. In addition, a minimum delay of 24 hours applies to requests for withdrawals from Espacejeux accounts.

Except for withdrawal requests equal to or exceeding $100,000, amounts withdrawn from an Espacejeux account will be automatically deposited to the personal bank account that is associated with the Espacejeux account and for which the information will have been provided by the Participant. 

If the amount to be withdrawn is equal to or greater than $100,000, the Participant needs to, personally and by prior appointment, at a designated Loto-Québec establishment (list available upon request or at lotoquebec.com) and comply with the identification procedures described in Section 6.1.5.

Argent Web is deposited in the form of non-cashable gaming credits and may be used to play any game offered on Loto-Québec’s online gaming website. Note that in order to deposit Argent Web in his Espacejeux account, the Participant’s identity must first have been validated in accordance with the terms indicated on Loto-Québec’s online gaming website.

Subject to the personal deposit limit made by the Participant to his Espacejeux account, a deposit limit of $500 in Argent Web, per week, per customer account, applies.

An Argent Web coupon is refundable within six (6) days of purchase, from the retailer where the purchase took place.

Participants are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide in regard to transactions in their account and Loto-Québec shall in no case be held responsible for the loss or misdirection of amounts that result from inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous information provided by a Participant.

Under the provisions of the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act, any Participant may be required, from time to time, to provide additional information, including his or her occupation.

Loto-Québec shall at no time be held responsible for delays caused by banking or financial institutions involved in the transactions. To that end, Loto-Québec provides no guarantee as to when transferred amounts may become available to a Participant. Moreover, the right to such amounts is governed by the current Online Gaming Conditions and by Loto-Québec verification procedures.

In case of error or technical problems with a deposit or withdrawal transaction, Loto-Québec reserves the right to make corrections by deducting or adding funds to any affected Espacejeux account. Moreover, Participants hereby agree and undertake to reimburse, if necessary, all amounts owing to Loto-Québec that are the result of an error or technical problem.

If a Participant does not log in to his or her Espacejeux account during an uninterrupted period of thirty-six (36) months, Loto-Québec reserves the right to close said account, in which case the account balance will be refunded in accordance with the account information on file.

In order to access his or her Espacejeux account and participate in Games, the Participant must first enter his or her personal identification code at the prescribed location.

Only a Participant who has sufficient sums to his or her Espacejeux account to cover his or her bet(s) may participate in Games (real play).

Each Participant who wins a prize consents to the publication by Loto-Québec of their name, region and photograph, if Loto-Québec deems it appropriate. Furthermore, any Participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that his or her name, nickname, address and photograph (complying with Loto-Québec’s requirements), his browsing history on Loto-Québec sites and his online and in-house gaming activities, as well as any other information provided by him or her may be used by Loto-Québec for advertising or promotional purposes, including for ranking, statistics, personalization or other purposes. In all cases, a Participant hereby waves all rights to compensation related to broadcasting, printed material and advertising.

Participants are solely responsible for their decisions and/or provided information related to any Game and Loto-Québec shall at no time be held responsible for any decision taken by a Participant or for any bet placed in error, through inadvertence or in any other similar situation.

In the case of a discrepancy between data transmitted to a Participant verbally, on screen or printed from a screen concerning his or her participation and the data recorded in Loto-Québec’s computer or in the computer of a third party designated by Loto-Québec, the latter shall prevail.

Except for tournament play, a bet placed or participation to a Game while a Site defect or failure exists shall not give rise to any payment or prize entitlement of any kind. However, if the defect or failure is not attributable to the Participant’s action, his or her bet made in such circumstances will be refunded.

Moreover, Loto-Québec may decline a participation to a Game or bet for any reason whatsoever, in which case a Participant is only entitled to reimbursement of the bet in question. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Loto-Québec may notably establish limits regarding amounts that may be bet.

Any game not completed by a Participant (game in progress) could be completed or cancelled, as the case may be, in accordance with the applicable terms and once the applicable deadline has expired, all as indicated in the corresponding Game rules. In the event that the Participant must make a choice that may have an impact on the outcome of his game, such game will be completed in accordance with the strategy used in the event of the closing of games, which is indicated in the rules of the Game in question. In the event that a game in progress cannot be completed due to system modifications or other technical reasons, it will be cancelled. In the event of the cancellation of a game in progress, the corresponding bet will be charged to the Participant's account.

Loto-Québec may offer Games in tournament form. In this case, instead of paying an amount for each bet, a Participant wishing to take part in a tournament shall pay registration fees comprised of his or her contribution to the total tournament pot and a rake (commission), the whole as set by Loto-Québec. Participants are then allocated a set number of chips at the start of the tournament, to be used for betting during tournament play.

Games offered in tournament form proceed, subject to the following, in accordance with the particular rules of the game . 

The terms that apply to tournament mode (in particular those that apply to the number of chips, decision times and prizes) are explained in the Tournament Play section on lotoquebec.com. Moreover, the specific terms that apply to each tournament offered are made available to each Participant prior to the start of the tournament, at the latest. 

By participating in a tournament, each Participant agrees to be bound by all of the terms that apply to it. Moreover, each Participant agrees that Loto-Québec reserves the right to cancel a tournament, notably whenever it deems the number of registered Participants insufficient, or to make changes that are fair for participating players. When a tournament is cancelled, registration fees are refunded to already registered Participants.

In case of a Site failure or malfunction during a tournament, the Tournament Refund Policy shall apply.

At its discretion, Loto-Québec may offer Poker Experience Points (PxP) to any Participant at such terms as it may determine. Loto-Québec may, at any time, change, suspend or cancel its offer of Poker Experience Points and related benefits in whole or in part without prior notice and without incurring liability to any and all Participants.

Poker Experience Points (PxP) are Participant-specific and may not be exchanged for cash or transferred to another Espacejeux account. In addition, the closure of an Espacejeux account for any reason whatsoever shall result in the cancellation of all accumulated Poker Experience Points (PxP). The same applies if a Participant has not accumulated at least one (1) Poker Experience Point (PxP) during an uninterrupted period of twelve (12) months.

Among measures implemented by Loto-Québec to promote responsible gaming practices, Loto-Québec offers any individual the possibility of self-excluding himself or herself from the Site by enrolling in the Site self-exclusion program:

   a. In person, at Loto-Québec’ Montreal or Quebec City offices located at the addresses indicated in these Online Gaming Conditions, or in any Quebec gaming hall or casino, for any individual who has or does not have an Espacejeux account;

   b. For any Participant, by presenting a self-exclusion request directly on lotoquebec.com.

By enrolling in this voluntary self-exclusion program, said individual authorizes Loto-Québec, as the case may be, to refrain him or her from creating an Espacejeux account or to block access to his or her Espacejeux account for the length of time he or she has selected. Registration in this program may not be revoked during the selected period of time.

Moreover, if a Participant registers in a self-exclusion program from Quebec gaming halls and/or casinos, he or she will automatically be also self-excluded from the Site for the same period of time as the one specified in the self-exclusion request from gaming halls and/or casinos. Such self-exclusion may not be revoked during said period.

Loto-Québec assumes no responsibility if an individual violates in any way whatsoever the access interdiction (self-exclusion) to which that individual has voluntarily enrolled.

No Participant may provide or transmit on or through the Site any content that is deemed to be inappropriate, including by the use of a nickname, through chat or otherwise.

Loto-Québec reserves the right to take any measure it deems relevant in respect of any hateful, discriminatory, sexist, violent, offensive or other inappropriate content. To this end, Loto-Québec may, at its sole discretion, require that a nickname be changed, remove any content deemed non-compliant or deactivate, suspend or close the Espacejeux account of any Participant who through chat or other means, makes any such content available.

While various tools for verifying the Site content have been put in place, Loto-Québec provides no guarantee as to Participant-provided or transmitted content and declines all responsibility for same.

In addition to the other limitations of liability contained herein and in Loto-Québec’s General Conditions, in the By-law respecting interactive television games , the By-Law respecting forecast contests and numbers games , the By-law respecting casino games , the By-law respecting the Mini Loto, any instant lottery, and any "pool" type lottery , the rules and regulations respecting lotteries and lottery Tickets of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (available upon request), and/or in the Sales promotion games By-law or in any other applicable text, Loto-Québec, its administrators, employees or agents shall not be held in any way responsible under civil law or otherwise for any damages or losses of any kind whatsoever related to the browsing, use or participation in Games on the Site or for the inability to access or use the Site, including in case of: (i) failure, defect or destruction of information systems used in relation with the Games offered on the Site; (ii) delays or lateness, however caused, which preclude anyone from opening or accessing an Espacejeux account, participating in Games or placing a wager in a timely manner in a Game; (iii) use of outdated browsers, combinations of different browsers or failure to update the electronic devices used; (iv) similarly due to any failure, delay or other like circumstances attributable to third parties involved in the provision of services, including banking and financial institutions and suppliers of telecommunication services or equipment.

Participants understand and agree that Loto-Québec may, at any time and at its sole discretion, cease to offer Games on the Site and withdraw or add Games without incurring any liability on its part, except in the event of a permanent withdrawal of a Game offering a progressive jackpot, in which case any amount collected from eligible bets for the purposes of said progressive jackpot will be redistributed to players in the manner deemed appropriate by Loto-Québec. 

Moreover, Loto-Québec shall not be held liable if it decides to decline, deactivate, block, suspend or close an Espacejeux account or take any other measure it deems appropriate due to non-respect of Online Gaming Conditions or for any other reason it deems relevant, and may proceed to any verification of any disputed or suspicious situations.

May 12, 2022