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Poker Experience Points

Get the most out of your poker experience PxP+ Program Get cash back

Two rewards for the same PxP earned

1. Cash back

You get cash back every month on Poker Experience Points (PxPs) earned during the month.

Monthly cash back

PxPs earned during the month

From 200 to 349 PxP
From 350 to 599 PxP
From 600 to 899 PxP
From 900 to 1,099 PxP
From 1,100 to 1,899 PxP
From 1,900 to 3,199 PxP
From 3,200 to 3,999 PxP
over 4,000 PxP

Cash back


2. Tournament registration

Use your PxPs (the same points for which you got cash back) to take part in poker tournaments.

In short Your PxPs are applicable to the
multi-table and sit and go tournaments
of your choice
Your PxPs are applicable to the
multi-table tournaments labeled PxP
in the poker lobby
More info 1,000 PxPs earned = $10 in tournament credits 1 PxP earned = 1 PxP to spend
How to redeem Ask for tournament credits:

You must redeem at least 1,000 PxPs
in increments of 100 PxPs.
Pay directly with your PxPs.
No redemption required!

See the list of PxP tournaments

How to earn PxPs

You automatically earn 1 PxP each time you pay 25¢ in rakes. The rake is taken from tournament buy-in fees and the bets you place during poker games.

$1,000 prize

A free tournament offering a $1,000 prize is reserved for members who play 100 or more hands using real money during the month. The tournament will take place at 8:30 p.m. on the first day of each month.

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